J. Robertson

Our Mission and Goals


Our mission is to celebrate, protect and restore the natural richness of all our bayous and streams.


Our vision is a network of healthy bayous, streams and watersheds.


Education and Outreach

Increase understanding of area bayous and creeks and their watersheds.
Broad Objectives:
  • Provide educational programs and opportunities, activities, and events to engage all the region’s demographics.  
  • Prepare and maintain an effective and appropriately coordinated communications plan.  


Increase stewardship and stewardship opportunities to improve the health of our watersheds, creeks, and bayous.
Broad Objectives:
  • Provide leadership, encouragement and assistance in improving riparian habitats and watershed ecosystems. 
  • Develop and coordinate internal programs and participate in collaborative programs to improve water quality. 
  • Provide access to area waterways.   


Be a leader on bayou and watershed issues.
Broad Objectives:
  • Interface and engage with public entities. 
  • Participate in collaborative regional policy initiatives.
  • Develop initiatives, projects and advocacy to improve ecosystems, water quality, and flood management. 
  • Be engaged and influential in bayou-related community affairs. 
  • Demonstrate the importance and need for vibrant watershed and riparian ecosystems.

Organizational Development / Governance

Organize for success.
Broad Objectives:
  • Institute a full program of board development.  
  • Establish a program to increase membership and representation of the region’s demographics. 
  • Create and maintain a program of staff development and performance review.
  • Develop and maintain a strong sustainable financial base.  
  • Conduct structured periodic review of strategic planning and budgeting. 


  • Science-based policies and actions
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Professional communications