Bayou Preservation Association celebrates 50th anniversary with three proclamations


Despite her late arrival to the Bayou Preservation Association's 50th anniversary luncheon, emcee Courtney Perna made quite an entrance.

"I heard there was an imposter pretending to be me," said KHOU-11 reporter-slash-producer of her stand-in, BPA board president Robert Rayburn, before introducing a special trio of elected officials. "Now get up here, kiss babies, whatever you guys do."

City council member Ellen Cohen led the charge of proclamations declaring May 9 as "Bayou Preservation Association Day," but Harris County Judge Ed Emmett raised the stakes.

The city and county are different," he quipped waving a light blue proclamation. "We're more colorful."

Not to be outdone, State Senator Sylvia Garcia surprised 300 lunch-goers with a third proclamation. "But ours is the brightest - in red!"

Afterward, attention turned to Johnny Hanson's streaming video presentation which highlighted both the BPA's top milestones from the past five decades and future programming plans. Since 1966, the citizen's group and non-profit organization has facilitated projects and generated public awareness surrounding the region's streams and waterways to encourage more efficient watershed management, conservation, restoration, and recreation of our natural resources. For championing these efforts, John Blount and Ed Wulfe received the 2016 Terry Hershey Stewardship Awards.

Co-chairs Claire Caudill, Elaine Finger, Judy Meyer, and Leslie Rice raised a commendable $100,000 towards the cause. Representing the next generation of preservationists, Lindley Arnoldy and Brittany Cassin were applauded as chairs of this fall's 50th anniversary gala.

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