Invasive Water Hyacinth on Dickinson Bayou


The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is spraying the invasive water hyacinth on Dickinson Bayou today, September 28, 2016.  Like last time, there is the chance that you will see mounds of dead or dying plants floating in the Bayou. TPWD has a permit to spray the plants and the dead vegetation will eventually disintegrate. This is the second time they have sprayed Dickinson Bayou.

We will continue to share updates with this list as information is available.  Please share this information with Bayou residents and other interested folks.

From the TPWD Website:  Water hyacinth is native to South America. It produces beautiful flowers, but under the water, its roots grow into a thick mat and spread rapidly. Like other invasive aquatic plants, the water hyacinth can block sunlight, reduce oxygen in the water and kill plants that provide food for fish and other aquatic life. The thick plants block boats and sometimes water flow. Water hyacinth can be a home to mosquitoes and increase their numbers. (