2022 Symposium
The Cost of Doing Nothing - Opting for Resilience

2021 Symposium

Green, in a Word, Is Good




2020 Symposium

Bayou-Diversity: Celebrate, Protect & Restore



2019 Symposium

The Dirt on Watersheds: The Quest for Healthy Soils

Carolyn White                                                     Betsy Ross
Memorial Park Conservancy                               Sustainable Growth Texas


John Ferguson                                                      Stephen Beningo 
Nature's Way Resources                                       Harris County Flood Control District  

Brian Koch                                                            Dennis Brezina
Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board    USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

Joy Columbus-Houston Botanic Garden              Merrie Talley
& Daniel Millikin-Memorial Park Conservancy    Talley Landscape Architects, Inc.

2018 Symposium

Staying Awake After the Harvey Wake-up Call

Lawrence Dean            Christof Spieler
Lawrence Dean                                                     Christof Spieler
MetroStudy                                                             Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium

Robert Stein            John Blount
Robert Stein                                                           John Blount
Baker Institute for Public Policy                            Harris County Engnineer

Russ Poppe            Carol Haddock
Russ Poppe                                                            Carol Haddock
Executive Director,                                                  Public Works Director, City of Houston
Harris County Flood Control District

Eric Berger            Polling Results
Eric Berger                                                             Audience Polling Results
Space City                                          Bayou Preservation Association


2016 Symposium

50 for 50 - Celebrating Bayou Preservation Association's 50th Anniversary

            Jeff Taebel
50 Accompishments,                                             Jeff Taebel
50 Milestones,                                                        H-GAC
50 Years

Roel Lopez                                                             Bruce Race
Texas A&M Institute of Renewable                        University of Houston
Natural Resources                                                  Center for Sustainability and Resilience

Carol Haddock                                                      Russ Poppe
City of Houston                                                       Harris County Flood Control District
Engineering and Construction Division

Jennie Romer                                                        Bob Stokes                                                 Galveston Bay Foundation

Jone Corrales                                                         Stephen Costello
Baylor University                                                    City of Houston
Department of Environmental Science                 Chief Resilience Officer


2015 Symposium

Trash, Plastic and Automobiles: Gross Pollutants in our Watersheds

  • Amanda Hackney
  • Steve Hupp/ Eric Ruckstuhl
    Steve Hupp/ Eric Ruckstuhl

  • Bob Allen

  • Martin Alcala Jr., Ph.D.

  • Quincy D. Allen

  • Mike Talbott

  • Lori Traweek

  • Trent Rondot

  • Colleen Peters